Age 20
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Weight ???
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Status
Occupation Salvage Retrieval
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1 - Castaway
Seiyuu Shizuka Itō
Julie Ann Taylor
Image Gallery

Bellows is the leader of the Gargantia Fleet's salvage team.


She is an attractive young woman, with large breasts, dark blue eyes and red hair usually fashioned in a ponytail that extends past her shoulders. Her ponytail is done with a blue tie, and she has two thin bangs framing her face with beads on them. She also wears large gold hoop earrings. Her attire consists of a short orange crop top with red straps and a yellow frill at the bottom that exposes her midriff, short green pants, long stockings that reach past her kneecaps, and red panties with straps that are partially visible above her shorts, resting on her hips. In episode five she wears an orange bikini the same color as her tank top.

Personality Edit

Tough and no nonsense - but still kind - Bellows cares for her fellow crew members, and acts like an older sister figure to others such as Amy and Ledo. She is periodically annoyed with Pinion and the two are often at odds with each other.

She's also rather wise as displayed in her first meeting with Ledo and when she gives advice to Ridget about being the new fleet commander.


It is Bellow's team which salvages Chamber and Ledo six months after they land on Earth, as per request by Pinion who claims to have found something valuable. When Amy arrives in the hanger to watch Pinion and his team attempt to dismantle Chamber, she gives Bellows a form from Ridget to sign concerning use of the hanger.

Bellows is present at the meeting to discuss Ledo and Chamber's appearance. When asked by Ridget, she claims to not know anything and then scorns Pinion for the difficult salvage request.

She has her team sail out to the spot they found Ledo and Chamber in hopes of finding more treasure, however, they are attacked by pirates. They are boarded and one pirate attempts to assault Bellows. When Ledo and Chamber arrive and kill all the pirates and destroy their ships, Bellows stands amid the flaming disaster and says "This is horrible."

Back at Gargantia, Ledo and Chamber resume their stalemate with the fleet's residents. Bellows has Amy fly her out to Ledo where she cooks a chicken over a makeshift charcoal stove for him. She inquires as to Ledo's motives for killing the pirates and goes on to explain Gargantia's stances on killing, as well as on cooperation and mutual aid. After giving Ledo a communication device and thanking him for saving her, she departs.


Bust: 90cm - Waist: 61cm - Hips: 84cm

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