Age 10
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation N/A
Relatives Amy (Sister)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2 - The Planet where it Began
Seiyuu Yuka Terasaki

Bebel is Amy's little brother. He is a very intelligent child and has a hobby of making sailing ship models from waste parts.

Background Edit

Due to being born with poor health, he has been forced to spend much of his time resting in bed. As such, Dr. Oldham visits him often.

Personality Edit

Intelligent, compassionate, and wise beyond his years, Bevel is sweet and soft spoken while still bearing a strong will. He loves his sister dearly and believes in living for her just like she lives for him. He is extremely intelligent, possibly a genius, as he can make almost anything out of whatever is at hand such as boats from scraps his sister brings him or an automated fan seen as in episode five. He is also wise and insightful, understanding Ledo's personality and life as a soldier after a brief conversation with him.

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