The Closer Pass was a major and presumably the last battle fought between the GAH and Hideauze.


Closer Pass was located on the other of a Hot Jupiter type planet.  The Hideauze nest was located between the planet and a nearby star. The star's radiation pressure prevented the GAH from approaching from any other direction but the direct front.

The BattleEdit

The Hideuaze and GAH war had began raging for number of decades. By the records found by Ledo on Earth, it was likely centuries of constant warfare. The Closer Pass was an all-out attempt by the GAH to destroy the Hideauze, hinting at an increasingly untenable strategic situation for the Alliance. The GAH deployed a massive fleet and their new weapon the Dimenstrium in an all-out surprise attack on the nest. After departing Avalon, six Machine Caliber carriers, six Hexelena Fleet battleships designed to prepare and fire the Dimenstrium, and numerous support ships arrived. The vanguard of the GAH attacked and destroyed 5 of the 6 cannons on the Hideauze Blossom Sail weapon. The 6th cannon fired and inflicted heavy damage on GAH ships, but the cannon was eventually destroyed. With all cannons destroyed, the GAH Hexelena fleet fired the Dimenstrium and destroyed most of the Blossom Sail. With the Sail destroyed, GAH Machine Calibers advanced carrying Quantum Dimensional Bombs to plant on the Hideauze nest. Under fierce fire from the Hideauze, the GAH forces advanced steadily on the nest. Despite the damage inflicted, the Blossom Sail completely regenerated, even with the GAH Fleet firing on it. The Dimenstrium needed 120 seconds to fire a second shot, however the fully regenerated Blossom Sail fired all six cannons before the GAH weapon could recharge, destroying the Hexelena fleet and several other ships, effectively breaking the GAH attack. With few ships left for cover the advancing Machine Calibers, the GAH was forced to retreat. Commander Kugel had briefed his pilots that if the GAH fleet did not complete the mission, the war would effectively be over for the Alliance. The status of Hideauze and GAH currently remain unknown.


With the bulk of their ships destroyed, the surviving GAH fleet was forced to retreat. Despite losing the Hexelena Fleet, all of the GAH carriers returned to Avalon. The status of both sides is currently unknown.