The Dimenstruim was weapon used by GAH to combat the Hideauze's Blossom Sail.


The Dimenstruim, like the Blossom sail, was a six pointed weapon. Six ships called the "Hexelena Fleet" was responsible for generating and firing the weapon.  The ships maintained a circle formation and generated the Dimestruim. When fired, the weapons size is larger than the Blossom Sail. The core of the weapon is a small star shaped energy with massive white wings that spin in a clockwise motion.  Once fired, the ships close formation till the next firing which requires some time. The weapons does not cause an explosion but does completely the destroy the cannon section of the Blossom sail. The weapons seems to make use Quantum Dimensional Fissures and Superstring particles.


The Dimenstrium ready to fire at the Blossom Sail


When the GAH launched the Closer Pass operation, one Dimenstruim weapon was seen used by the Hexelena Fleet. After the first wave had destroyed the cannon emitters of the Blossom sail, the Hexelena Fleet fired the Dimenstruim, destroying the cannon section of the weapon. The Fleet was unable to generate a second shot in time to prevent the now fully regenerated Blossom Sail which fired all six cannons at the GAH fleet, destroying the Hexelena Fleet as well the 2nd Dimenstruim shot in the process.