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Island of Ambition Moment of Decision

Kugel contacts Ledo and instructs him to return to his side. Upon reuniting with him, Ledo learns that Kugel is struck with some disease that prevents him to leave his cockpit. When Ledo tells him what he learned about the Hideauze, Kugel reveals that he always knew about it, just like the high command of the Gallactic Alliance, and despite that, he insists to fight them, and was all this time organizing a powerful fleet with a militaristic society with that purpose, whose intention is to rally all the humans on Earth under them. Pinion is summoned to Kugel's fleet, and much to his surprise, he is taken there by Lukkage, who is now working under him, and is approached by Kugel's Machine Caliber Striker, who offers him a post as an engineer to develop weapons for the fleet. The rest of his companions are also forced to join Kugel's fleet as well. Some time later, Kugel discuss with Ledo the next step of his plan; a large scale operation, which much to Ledo's shock, somehow involves the Gargantia.

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