Kites are a form of powered gliders, which are able to change their altitudes and maneuver in the air faster than by riding the winds alone. They can also fly faster than gliders due to their pusher props or because of their carrier vehicle. Technically they are the equivalent of today's ultralight aircraft, but as their name states, they are literally tethered to their carrier vehicle. The only exception are the Windsurfer Gliders.

This is to allow them to be reeled back down quickly, but this gives them some major weaknesses. First of all, they lack any kind of aquatic landing gear and therefore must ditch into the ocean if necessary. Secondly, they cannot fly past the range of their tether cables, which means they are limited to their carrier vehicle. This makes maneuvering awkward if they encounter obstacles on the ocean.



Lookout Kite

Lookout Kite
: Instead of having a person observe from a crow's nest atop a tall mast, a ship can have a kite in which to survey the surrounding ocean. With the absence of radar, this is a much more efficient means of forward observation.

Pirate Kite

Pirate Kite:
Combining the speed and maneuverability of a kite with that of an armed jet-ski, this is a potential weapon that the pirates use on their raids to surround an enemy. Both kite and carrier are armed and can easily outmaneuver larger prey. However, in comparison to a totally free-flying aircraft, such as Chamber, they're still considered as antiquated and outmatched.
Windsurfer gliders 3
Windsurfer Glider: These are the truly free-flying type of kite that does not rely on a carrier vehicle.