Age 22 Years Old
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Weight ???
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Status
School Unknown
Occupation Overseer (Previous)
Fleet Commander (Current)
Relatives Fairlock
Chevron (father)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2 - The Planet where it Began
Seiyuu Sayaka Oohara (Japanese)
Laura Post (English)
Image Gallery
Ridget served as the aid to Fairlock, captain of the Gargantia. However, after his death in Episode 8, she is named as his successor and takes full command of the fleet.

Personality Edit

Ridget is calm, diligent, logical, and holds a strong sense of responsibility. However, she is also known for being serious and stiff, so many keep their distance. She also has a laid back side seen in episode five when she strips off her diving suit to reveal her swimsuit.


She has dark purple hair, light violet eyes, and fair skin with a curvy figure with a large bust. Her hair is tied in a sophisticated bun. In episode five she wears an elegant purple one piece that Bellows calls sexy.



Bust: 94cm - Waist: 62cm - Hips: 89cm

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