Windsurfer gliders

WindSurfer Glider

Windsurfer Gliders are a type of kite that is a combination of a glider and a regular windsurfer board. Unlike normal kites, these are not tethered to any carrier vehicle and are truly self-propelled in both the water and in the air.


Windsurfer gliders 2


On the water, the Windsurfer Glider can either be propelled by using the large sail, or using the propeller blades underneath the board. It is also possible to use both methods together for added speed and maneuverability. When preparing to take to the air, the sail is turned horizontally to form a large wing, while the vehicle picks up speed. When sufficient airspeed is attained, the propeller mechanism flips up and the entire board becomes the equivalent of an ultralight aircraft. What drives the propeller is unknown, though it is possibly an electric motor.


Windsurfer gliders 3
Guiding the board on the water is a matter of turning the sail, and leaning and shifting one's weight in conjunction with the wind or with the motor. Once airborne, the pilot guides his/her board not unlike that of a regular ultralight or hang-glider by using the guide bar to control altitude, descent, banking and turns.